iOS7 Should be an Embarrassment

March 11, 2014 by Gabe | [mmd] |

The rumor mill says that iOS7.1 fixes the daily crasing on iOS7. That's good news because the big change with iOS7 was the perception of Apple's threshold for quality. A common refrain from "regular people" I know has been that Apple's software is pretty poor quality.1 Many of them have the opinion that iOS7 is more unstable and confusing than Windows. Even I consider iOS7 to be a great source of jokes about software crashing. That's going to be a hard train to turn around.

I really believe that Apple has harmed their brand with iOS7. It's more devastating than any Samsung ad campaign. They have set back their reputation by releasing a highly unstable operating system for their most commonly used device. They rushed out new designs that viscerally disturb users. I've never seen someone more relieved by a single tweak than when I've demonstrated the reduced motion option.

This week we get a patch for iOS that might fix the daily crashes and sporadic power and bandwidth surges. I guess that's good, but cleaning up the mess is not the same thing as not making a mess.

iOS7 should be an enormous embarrassment for Apple management. They set a timeline that pushed iOS7 out half-baked and I hope they regret that decision. I regret ever endorsing iOS to anyone that was tricked or coerced into "upgrading" to iOS7. It's been a disaster in confidence all around.

  1. You know them. They're the ones that almost never read blogs and think RSS is a government agency. They also just want their stuff to work without making excuses for it.