MeisterNote Announced

It feels like we are experiencing a renaissance of knowledge management. I find new apps and services everyday. Today, I discovered another one from MeisterLabs: MeisterNote. It sounds a lot like Craft with some super powers.

I generally like what MeisterLabs makes, even though they are webapps.1 Their designs are playful and it feels like they actually use what they make. I really wish MeisterLabs would do a better job showing what their apps do instead of explaining in text and cartoons. I’m a “show me” kind of person. I’ve negotiated enough software purchases that I am jaded against marketing materials. Show me your work and let it speak for itself.

  1. I will die on this hill. Web apps are not as good as native apps. Even apps made on top of web technologies feel worse. I’m looking at you Electron. ↩︎