Some Feed Suggestions

I still prefer the variety of articles I get from RSS feeds over any social media based link aggregator. If you’re getting tired of seeing the same old stuff, here are some suggestions.

First off, subscribe to the Pinboard popular feed. It tends to be pretty nerdy and occasionally political but it’s good at scooping up a good mix of stuff along with the things likely being beaten to death on Twitter.

Next, if you “follow” Pinboard accounts then you have a “network” to pull new links from. Go to your Pinboard main page and click the network link. You should find an RSS link just to the left of the search box. This will give you a feed with public links added by the accounts you follow.

Next, look for the feeds for apps you enjoy. Many feed aggregation services will be able to find the feed from a user forum. I like Feedbin for this because it will expose many otherwise hidden feeds. I have no idea why software developers don’t make their feeds easier to find. I think it’s a great way to stay on top of what’s happening with the application and find some interesting problems to work on.

Here are some developer feeds I like:

Keyboard Maestro Forum



Drafts Actions

TaskPaper Forum

Panic Blog

Editorial Workflows

Feedbin Blog

Fastmail Blog

Here’s a list of general-content blogs. It’s some of the same old stuff but by and large they link to interesting and offbeat articles. I like their variety and I also like their perspectives.

One Foot Tsunami

Strong Language



The MIT Technology Review

Get out of the social network treadmill if you’re getting bored reading about HomePod rings. When you find something new and different add it to your favorite RSS reader. Then share it. That’s how it gets better. Make it worthwhile for writers that take a chance to be better.