Engineer Link

First, Dr. Drang is one of my favorite people on the internet. I’ve read every word he’s written in the past decade. One thing I know about Dr. Drang is that he can be very specific. He’s an engineer and has a very specific definition for that term. Which makes this latest post so wonderful.1

This is the true value I find in reading indie blogs. They are made by people with a real history and real values. They have a voice and a personality that’s hard to match with an editorial staff and a team of interns. If you stick with them you’re going to develop a relationship to the writing that pays dividends. The dividend in this case is that I know the unwritten subtext to Dr. Drang’s comments about engineering titles. What a joy.

  1. When I first read the referenced Motherload article, I really wanted to send it to Dr. Drang on Twitter. I’m sure a lot of his readers did. But since I’m not on Twitter, I chose to share it on Slack, which admittedly has a much smaller voice and does not include everyone that I like from Twitter. ↩︎