The News Reputation Problem Link

From Frederic Filloux’s Monday Note:

The Fake News phenomenon is like a bio-engineered plague: it spreads to all countries as specialized outlets make it their business to churn false information on an industrial scale. It hits democracies at a moment when professional media see their business models challenged from all sides.

In the end, it boils down to assessing the reputation of both publishers and authors. They won’t admit it publicly, but Google, Facebook and other large news distributors already rely on quality scoring variants.

It’s a good read with some good ideas. Basically he distills down what we, as individuals, are already doing or should be doing. Looks at the broader reputation of the source and author. Unfortunately, I think we are killing our attention span with social media and the quantity of information input and are constantly looking for shortcuts. Relying on a scoring system to help will only work until we have fake scoring systems.