Goodbye Bill Link

I first met Bill DeVille through the DEVONthink forums many years ago. He was always generous with his time and even tempered with his responses. He made the experience and product better. So much so, that DevonTech hired him which instantly made me their fan.

From the DevonTech website:

After both his daughter and his wife had died, Bill moved from Baton Rouge, LA, to a log cabin in Nashville, IN. There he lived and worked together with his dogs Tippy and Oliver. His favorite workplaces were his computer counter at the cabin, not far from the always-on coffee machine, and a gazebo overlooking the forests of Brown County. Bill never missed Catfish Friday at Brownie’s Family Restaurant in Bean Blossom.

I like that idea a lot. I’m very fortunate that we intersected, even if it was just through his forum posts. So, don’t discount the value of a forum. It’s all made of people and sometimes they are the best kinds, like Bill.