Akamai on the Krebs DDoS Attack Link

Akamai was the DDoS protection service used by security researcher Brian Krebs. At least until last September when they couldn’t offer pro-bono protection under the weight of new massive attacks.

Their latest report details the specific attack on Krebs.

As detailed here in several previous posts, KrebsOnSecurity.com was a pro-bono customer of Akamai, beginning in August 2012 with Prolexic before Akamai acquired them. Akamai mentions this as well in explaining its decision to terminate our pro-bono arrangement. KrebsOnSecurity is now behind Google‘s Project Shield, a free program run by Google to help protect journalists and dissidents from online censorship.

That’s pretty great of Google. Imagine an internet where any dissenting voice could be instantly removed.

The magnitude of the attacks seen during the final week were significantly larger than the majority of attacks Akamai sees on a regular basis,” Akamai reports. “In fact, while the attack on September 20 was the largest attack ever mitigated by Akamai, the attack on September 22 would have qualified for the record at any other time, peaking at 555 Gbps.

Wowzers! GIGA BITS PER SECOND! That’s roughly 70 Gigabytes per second of requests. For comparison, Macdrifter transmits around 200 GB per month for all visits.