OmniGraffle 7 Released Link

OmniGraffle is such a generally useful application that I stay in step with every upgrade. Now version 7 is out and I’m all in with the Pro version. I use OmniGraffle for a thousand different things each year. For example, I used it to plan out a new kitchen with the awesome scale features. I also use it to create nice visual effects like magnifier callouts for images.

Now version 7 brings some big new features like SVG import, infinite canvas and a new point editor for shapes. Omni support is also one of the best for any piece of software I’ve ever owned.

The Pro upgrade is $99. To buy Pro for the first time is $199. I’ve saved that much many times over by just using OmniGraffle instead of some purpose made layout tool or landscape design application.

I strongly recommend not buying it on the Mac AppStore because the direct purchase version gets updates sooner. Plus Omni makes more money. Check out their free trial if you need more convincing.