MultiMarkdown Tables Link

This is the kind of post I love. Dr. Drang talks about TableFlip for Mac and MultiMarkdown tables. I’m a huge fan of MultiMarkdown tables, which is a weird sentence to write. It’s how I create my crib sheets.1 I think TableFlip is the easiest way to work with MultiMarkdown tables, by far. When I’m on my Mac, it’s mostly what I use now.2 But, as a Sublime Text user, I’m also a huge fan of the Table Editor plugin even though it’s no longer supported (damn you vim).

The real beauty in a MultiMarkdown table lies in the fact that it is viewable by anyone with a text editor, email app, or messaging service. As plain text, it’s also much less likely to get mangled due to reformatting of the message. I highly recommend learning the basic table syntax.

  1. You can find most of them nicely rendered here↩︎

  2. I’m not sure I have much hope for MultiMarkdown Composer v3 anytime soon. I’d happily be on that with my Mac. I’d be nuts for it on iOS. ↩︎