Remember the Milk Gets a Huge Update Link

Do you remember “Remember the Milk?” There was a time that I lived in their web and iOS apps. It was the best. Then it sat, relatively unchanged, for years while other apps leaped ahead or sprang into existence around them. Today is a bright new day for the service and all of its apps.

The new service fills in most of the egregious gaps. Here’s just a taste:

  • Sub tasks with their own due dates and tags
  • Drag and drop assignment of tags, priorities and due dates
  • Improved smart add with due date parsing
  • Task sharing

RTM has always nailed the advanced search operators so don’t let the cuteness fool you. It’s a real task manager.

This is probably the biggest update RTM has ever received. I have a lot of nostalgia for RTM and I’m thrilled to see that they are back in the game. It’s a terrific low-barrier task manager and its ubiquitous access beats many other systems I’ve used. I’m just so giddy to see this app again.1

RTM is $40/yr and the iOS app is free.

  1. The icon, not so much ↩︎