Spotify's Terms of Service are Pretty Creepy Link

From Wired:

Like a jealous ex, Spotify wants to see (and collect) your photos and see who you’re talking to. What kind of media files Spotify will collect from you is vague, and why the company needs it is unclear, but it’s doing it regardless. Also, the fact that Spotify expects you to go through your contact list and ask everyone for their consent in sharing their data with Spotify is–what’s the word? Oh yes: it’s ridiculous.

Cue press release that states this was all a mistake caused by legal boilerplate. Because that’s always what happens when companies get caught trying to do gross things. Here’s their actual policy link

Spotify: totally just like terrestrial radio. Nothing to see here. Click “accept” and move along.

Note: I’m not a Spotify user. I tried it. I didn’t like it.