Hosting Your Website After Death Link

No offense, because I can understand why someone may want to do this, but I don’t care if this site dissapears when I do. If you care about your site beyond the 80 year lifespan we are alotted, this is a detailed discussion of the pitfalls.

For example, a friend of mine once purchased lifetime hosting for $199 from a company called TextDrive which was later acquired by Joyent, and somewhere along the way the companies decided to shut down their service, then restart it, then shut it down again.

I do care that may child may some day want to read all of the irrelevant crap I’ve written here. It’s a pretty good example of what her old man was like (nerdy, sarcastic, cynical and kind hearted). That’s the great thing about a static website. My entire blog exists on thumbdrive in a safe, along with my journal and 1Password vault.