Google Glass and Doctors Link

From Buzzfeed:

But while Glass failed to set the consumer space on fire, some clinicians and other medical professionals have embraced it as a hands-free means of sharing and accessing information quickly. As cases like Phelan’s demonstrate, Glass still has promise in enterprise markets like health care.

Stop and think about this for one second. Medical researchers, with access to extreamly sensitive data and bound by HIPAA and myriad other laws protecting patients, are going to wear cameras provided by an advertising company. It’s like William Gibson just needs to sit back and let his novels write themselves.

I’d fire my doctor if they wore Glass. I’d avoid clinical trials if they wore Glass. Say what you will about people walking around public streets with video recorders but I’d be well and sure pissed if my doctor started posting test results to Facebook because it was more convenient.

By way of John Moltz