Clark on Swift Link

Clark Goble has a quick summary of his thoughts about Swift:

Here are my initial thoughts. First it has most of the features I’d want in a language. It also incorporates a lot of C++ features like generics and overloading that I think can be abused. However overall I’m very excited about the language. More significantly it really allows a degree of interactive development in Xcode that is startling. (Going by the keynote demo and not anything NDAed)

I really think the best part of Swift is the new development tool. It’s terrific fun.

Clark also points to the new JS scripting bridge:

That’s right if you, like me, hate Applescript the language you can now code in Javascript. This has full access to the ObjC Applescript Bridge.

Just reading through the documentation, it looks like an improvement on the AppleScript-ObjC approach but definitely not as interesting to me as Swift and the new Playgrounds environment.