NSA Spying and Corporate Priorities Link

From Quartz:

This completely unexpected turn, which Chambers said was the fastest swing he had ever seen in emerging markets, comes just as Cisco is trying to establish itself as a bedrock technology provider for of the internet of things, which industry analysis firm IDC says will be an $8.9 trillion market by 2020. This quarter Cisco unveiled the nPower chip, a super-fast processor designed to funnel the enormous volumes of data that the internet of things will generate. Cisco also announced the Network Convergence System, a handful of routers that will use the nPower chip.

I think the Quartz article is a bit overblown and don’t bother following the link to FT unless you have an account. Enterprise Networking says it most simply by quoting the Cisco CEO:

“I think, if you look at it, it is an impact in China. I think we’re all aware of that,” Chambers said. “I think its impacting on the total emerging country business, however, is fairly nominal.”

Not a direct correlation, but something I’ve been expecting.