iPad Air

I’ve only had the Air for a few hours. My immediate impression is that it feels tiny. At first glance it looks like an iPad Mini. After waffling between the Mini and the Air, I’m glad I chose the Air. It feels like a Mini but works like a full size iPad.

I’m curious what the Mini will feel like. This iPad Air feels like the perfect version of the iPad. I suspect the Mini will feel more like a big-phone, which is also a fine design. I’m just glad I settled on the larger screen.

The Air still has enough weight that it feels substantial. It will be tiring to hold it for hours on end but not like the previous incarnations of the full sized iPad.

It doesn’t feel any faster.1 I didn’t expect it to. In a year, I think it will feel faster.

I purchased the 128GB model because I previously had a 64GB model with 18GB free. In 1-2 years I expect to have 32GB free on the new 128GB model. Files will continue to get larger. iWork is already teaching us that. The beauty of the iPad for me, is not having to think about it as a computer but using it as one. I don’t want to consider if I have free space, ever.

It’s a good upgrade. I previously had the iPad 3. This is a nice step into the future. I expect it to get better as developers take advantage of the new hardware.

  1. But what do I know. I’m the guy that thought TouchID wasn’t as “instant” as reported for the 5s. ↩︎