OmniFocus Arrival Fences Link

Jeff Hunsberger describes his method for creating short-term location based tasks.

I didn’t want to set up geofences for my main “Home” and “Work” contexts because I had dozens, maybe hundreds, of tasks nested under those contexts that would have popped up when I arrived.

The location fences are clever in OmniFocus. Like Jeff, I rarely use them because they are inappropriate most of the time. If I walk past a hardware store on my way to a post office1 I don’t want to be nagged. There’s also too much fiddling for my taste.

I think Jeff’s idea of creating very narrow contexts to apply judiciously is a good one. I’d prefer location based flags but I don’t think new OmniFocus features are coming anytime soon.

  1. I think I’m an anachronism sometimes. At least that’s what my Blacksmith tells me. ↩︎