MailMate Crowd Funding Link

MailMate is a very nerdy email client for the Mac that has some interesting features and long list of planned changes. The developer is looking to crowd fund future development so he can go full time:

As described in a recent blog post I can no longer afford to work on MailMate full time. Instead of silently slowing down development of MailMate I’ve decided to take the opportunity to do a little experiment. I’m going to try to crowd fund my full time development of MailMate in 2014 (the rest of 2013 is already covered by my primary “sponsor”). I know, in a world of free or practically free email clients this is madness, but I did write that this was an experiment.

You can’t complain about the email apps available on the Mac if you are not willing to support their development. I would prefer if he indicated a target and process toward the target rather than an open ended funding process.