FastMail's New Mobile App Link

While I do prefer native apps on iOS, this new mobile app from FastMail is the next best thing.

We’ve also worked hard to make the new interface feel perfectly natural as a finger driven mobile interface. We’ve placed tap targets near where fingers are likely to be and added swipe actions to allow quick archiving or deleting of emails. Simple transitions make it clear where you are in the interface at any time making it easy to navigate.

And later:

But most importantly, the new mobile interface is fast! We’ve gone to great lengths to reduce the number of round trip requests between your phone and our servers, making the interface load and feel fast even over the high latency connections of mobile networks. In many cases, it is faster than a dedicated email app.

Now, I don’t think I completely agree with the speed claim, but it is really fast for a web app. I’ve been using the beta version since I joined FastMail. I primarily use it through 1Password on iOS where it feels just as fast as on Safari.

One advantage of using the web app over just connecting with is the advanced search options.

Here’s the demo video from the FastMail announcement:

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