Mental Case 2

Mental Case is one of the best flash card style note apps. Today Mental Case 2 is available for iPhone and iPad.

When my wife went to Law School she relied on me to recommend some good study tools. I reviewed many note-taking and flash card apps for the Mac and iOS. I settled on a combination of OmniOutliner1 for notes and Mental Case for studying. Two years later, she still thinks they’re great.

Mental Case 2 is a complete redesign and a new “purchase”. Well, actually it’s free but the nerdier features like iCloud sync are available as a $3 IAP.

As for the design, they either predicted iOS7 or quickly adopted some of the design principles. It looks nice and has some surprising animations.

  1. This post about styling OmniOutliner was really a tutorial for my wife. That’s how romantic I am. Sorry ladies, I’m taken. ↩︎