Duck Penis Controversy Link

From the scientist behind the current outrage of imbeciles:

Investment in the NSF is just over $20 per year per person, while it takes upward of $2,000 per year per person to fund the military. Basic research has to be funded by the government rather than private investors because there are no immediate profits to be derived from it.

And later:

The commentary and headlines in some of the recent articles reflect outrage that the study was about duck genitals, as if there is something inherently wrong or perverse with this line of research. Imagine if medical research drew the line at the belt! Genitalia, dear readers, are where the rubber meets the road, evolutionarily.

I find it ironic that a bunch of old morons are so upset over funding research into duck penises while consuming unprecedented amounts of medications to give them hard-ons. Wait, “ironic” is the wrong word.