Daylight Whining Link

As usual, Dr. Drang speaks for a less vocal group of rational thinkers.

Who are these hothouse flowers who always get exactly the same amount of sleep except for that terrible day in March? To hear them talk, you’d think they never stay up late watching a movie or reading a book. Only prisoners have such regimented lives.

For anyone that thinks Dr. Drang some how has a superior insight, you just need to understand one thing: He’s a critical thinker. It’s not genius, it’s rigor.

First, they’re obvious bullshit and, like all bullshit studies, undermine the public’s confidence in real science and real research.

But if you really want to fall in love with Dr. Drang, read the comments on that post.

PAUL S, First, stop shouting. Second, a comment that’s nothing more than a link to a page that’s already linked to in the original post is generally considered worthless. Normally, I’d take pity and delete it, but I’m feeling feisty this morning, so I’m going to leave it up. It’s the blogging equivalent of sticking your head on a pike outside my castle walls.