Politics and Cupcakes Link

Stacie at One Hungry Mama

I believe that our election results show that we are moving. It’s hard, there’s a long road ahead, there will be resistance (some of it shocking) and, sadly, I think our journey will be slow going. But we’re moving. We’re moving towards a deeper understanding of who we are and, as we do, we’re holding true to the ideals that brought my parents here in the first place.

I don’t like political blogs but I do like ordinary people that step out of their comfort zone to talk about something they care about.1 Too often, the web gives a two dimensional perspective of people. They exist as one thing and that’s all. They are a tech person or a designer or a programmer. The Internet connects us with tiny slivers of personalities. Rarely do we see the whole individual that loves and hates and cares about more things than a Web site can hold. We almost never see them as people. We see them as “content”.

So thanks to Stacie today, who talked about something deep and personal and then provides a terrific cupcake recipe, like a real person would.

  1. I probably like it more when their opinions agree with mine. Don’t we all? ↩︎