Charity Case

Warning: This post is egotistical and self involved. I'm a "blogger." What'd you expect?

A couple of very generous people on Twitter suggested I take sponsorships for

That's pretty awesome, right? So I got to thinking about it. I've said before that this site is a hobby. It does cost me some money to run, but spread over 12 months, it's not much. I've occasionally included affiliate links, but honestly, that's a pain. Since my Simplenote blog posting system came online, I post a lot from my iPad and iPhone. It's tough to lookup links on the go.

I also don't do real advertising right now.1 Marked is an awesome application. I want it to do well, so Brett makes it more awesome. I try to spread the word in my little corner of the inter-tubes.

So what should I do? Well, I decided to include a donations page. The page serves two purposes.

First, it's a little perpetual soapbox for me to push my moral agendas. I've included several charities to donate to. I don't look at outbound clicks and I don't track the charity donations. I think donations should be private. I did go to a good amount of work to research the charities.2 I've provided links to their ratings where possible. I endorse all links on the page. They are not random or sponsored.

Second, the page provides a way for readers to directly support I do this with other sites I like. I'm a Shawn Blanc member and I make anonymous donations to many other sites. It makes me feel good.3 You don't need to donate to This site is self sufficient. I'm an incredibly fortunate person. If it makes you feel good, then I greatly appreciate the kindness.

If you do support the site directly, you might get me to spruce things up a bit more around here. I've put off hiring a real designer (i.e. someone with taste) and engineer (i.e. someone that actually knows something about programming) to change things around here. What you see now is hand-crafted by a one-eyed color-blind chimp (i.e. me).

Mostly I want to say thanks for the awesome people that come through here. has given me access to brilliant strangers and Internet heroes. It's totally worth the price.

  1. I reserve the right to run paying ads some day. Depending on when you read this post, there may be an ad. Fair warning. 

  2. Charity Navigator is a great site that evaluates how efficiently listed groups operate. They even include the CEO salaries, which I look at. Any "charity" that pays a CEO $1M is wasting my donation. How can someone work for a charity and accept that kind of money? 

  3. I'm not a believer in true altruism. I've read too much Freud