In Praise of Simplenote on the Web

I love me some NVAlt and Simplenote. However, I’m stuck in Windows at work and do not have the pleasure of using Dropbox on Windows. There is a decent enough Simplenote client for windows but development seems to have ceased and it is not feature complete.

So I recently started using the Simplenote webapp for my notes on Windows and it is a great experience. It’s closer to an NVAlt experience on Windows than any other native application I have tried.

Here’s a list of the features you get in the webapp that just don’t exist in a Windows application:

  • Pin notes to the top of the notes list
  • Preview Markdown (with Extra Extensions!)
  • Version scrubbing for each note
  • Publish an anonymous shareable link to a note that can be disabled any time.
  • Simplenote tags support (obviously)
    • Add/edit tags
    • Filter by tags
    • Delete tags
  • Recoverable trash (seems to work via a "trash" tag)
  • Word and character counts
  • Dynamic note search (available in Resophnotes)
Not to mention the interface is gorgeous. It really feels like a native application.