Routines are a necessary and valuable part of getting stuff done with as little friction as possible. However, I try to avoid routines for the most part. I find that they make life feel monotonous and stifle creativity. The routines I do keep, I find fulfilling and enjoyable. They also give me piece of mind when all is said and done. I thought I’d share a few of my routines that involve my iPad and Mac.

When I refer to a “routine” I generally mean a scheduled, conscious chunk of time intended for a limited number of tasks. For example my Morning Coffee routine does not have a single start time, nor does it consist of a contiguous block of time. I have a pre-commute cup of coffee around 4:45 am where I generally do a few tasks. I continue my daily coffee routine after I arrive at the office around 6am. For me, routines are less about schedules and more about consistency.

Daily Morning Coffee

  • Omnifocus review
  • Clear tasks into Omnifocus
  • Zite on iPad
  • Discover on iPad


  • Store off-site backup at work in locked cabinet
  • Review topics and agendas for work meetings
  • Send missing agendas for work meetings
  • Review topics for One on One meetings
  • Review project schedules


  • Bring home off site backup disk
  • Review Omnifocus work projects
  • Clean work email and file archive messages
  • Review project schedules


  • Check server logs
  • Weekly backup refresh of photos, videos and music for off-site storage
  • Weekly backup log check (make sure the backups ran)
  • Boot drive clone


  • Review bank statements
  • Pay bills
  • Scan bills to PDF’s and shred paper
  • Clean up personal email and file archive messages
  • Holistic Omnifocus review (tasks, projects, inbox, timelines)
  • Clear files from todo inbox on Dropbox


  • Change Passwords
  • Clear old notes in Simplenote