Halide and Darkroom Photography on the iPhone

What a nice overview of by Jonathan Poritsky at The Candler Blog

The main feature that blew me away was shooting RAW. Halide’s designer, Sebastiaan de With, has an excellent series on the topic, but here’s a quick example that made me want to shoot everything RAW. Halide allows you to shoot both RAW and JPG, the latter of which will have all the noise reduction and color correction the built in Camera app offers.

I’ll be honest, on the web I can barely tell the difference between the photos. But Jonathan’s article was enough to get me to use both Halide and Darkroom more. My poor little Olympus camera sits neglected in a closet because my iPhone is always at the ready for photos. It’s no longer a concession to take photos with a phone. It’s a serious competitor for an average low-skill photographer like me.