Is Slack Secure Enough

March 31, 2017 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I sure do like Slack. It's a hugely convenient service that I actually pay for.1 Many of my best friends are on Slack and it's a continuous source of enjoyment and intelligent discussions for me. But I use it less now because I can't trust its security.

From Techcrunch:

Slack has a lot of functions, but end-to-end encryption isn’t one of them, which makes the platform a no-go for some users. Launching to the public today, ClearChat comes along to save the day, serving the needs of the slightly more security-conscious teams, with chat, file transfer and more.

I don't trust companies that bill themselves as "like Slack with Dropbox" unless they go quite a way to prove it. The website for ClearChat has changed over time and the price has disappeared from the information section.2 I do like the sound of end to end encryption. Let's hope this is a priority for Slack as they grow in popularity among those of us stuck in a surveillance state.

  1. You are not a cheapskate if you don't pay for Slack but you also aren't a "supporter" as so many like to think. Slack is very expensive and I'm sure it costs money to run. 

  2. Funny enough, but the Slack preview of the ClearChat pricing page URL shows the old price they posted.