Killing Pinboard and IFTTT Integration

I’m probably done with IFTTT. I’ve waited for a business model and instead I get crazy service integrations I’ve never heard of. Now it looks like IFTTT integration with Pinboard will end in the near future and it’s ending for bad reasons. Browse through the amusing Twitter feed of @pinboard and you’ll see tweets like this:

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I am invited to join their private Developer Platform and feast on the rich analytics therein, which isn’t really my cup of tea

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Final word from IFTTT: do a bunch of unpaid custom API work on your site, or we will break our site for your users. A chilling threat indeed

So I’m moving my Feedbin integration to Zapier. I only integrate my Feedbin favorites and Macdrifter posts into Pinboard. Both of those can be accomplished by Zapier based on RSS feeds. None of it needs to be real-time or even frequent.

Is it better? Probably not. Does it have a business model that’s obvious? Yes.