New Pinboard Pricing Link

Pinboard will have a new pricing model in 2015, driven by the inability of people to read the current pricing page.

Since the beginning, you paid once for a standard Pinboard account. The price for a perpetual license would go up based on the number of people that purchased it. The earlier you got in, the lower your one-time license cost. Pinboard also offers an annual service called an Archive account. This gives you some terrific features for the price of $25 per year.

  • Full Text Search of the linked pages
  • Storage of an archive copy of the content of the page, accessible even when the page is gone from the Internet
  • You could request a compressed copy of all of the pages (and images) of your bookmarked pages, if you were nice about it and not in a big hurry.

The new pricing model simply reduces the support burden of explaining that there is a one time cost and an optional annual cost. The new prices (for new customers only) are:

$11/year for the basic account

$25/year for the archive account

From Maciej:

My main reason for making the change is so that I don’t have to keep explaining how pricing works. An astonishing number of people already believe that they’re paying annually for Pinboard. Others accuse me of baiting and switching them when they upgrade to archiving and get a renewal notice. Note how much easier it is to describe the new policy than the old one.

The Archive account is totally worth it to me. I have 12.4 GB of data stored by Pinboard and I can do a full text search on all of it.

If you were on the fence about buying a Pinboard account, now is the time to do it. You get locked in on the one-time pricing model. I have Pinboard accounts, like a weirdo.