My WebFaction Hosting Experience

In light of the unholy union of GoDaddy and Media Temple, I thought I’d share my experience with WebFaction.

They’re great.

More than once, they have upgraded my host for free. They just doubled the memory for all levels of their hosting plans for free, for new and existing customers. That means even their cheapest plan now comes with 512MB of memory (OS, DB’s and web server don’t count against the total).

Their email support is fast and consistently helpful but I usually find what I need in their online FAQ. The only problem I had was with a noisy neighbor on a shared host and WebFaction cleared that up quickly without any fuss.

The WebFaction control panel is about as nerdy as I want it to be. There are easy installers and quick database creation tools but not a bunch of Joomla garbage or up-sell for spam filters. It’s web hosting for people that just want to make stuff on the web.

For $8.50 per month, you get a reasonably resourced web and database server that also comes with impeccable customer service and negligible down time.

WebFaction hosts all of my stuff, from Macdrifter and NerdQuery all the way down to a lowly WebDAV and email server. It feels like I pay too little for what I get back. Shhh.