Editorial Workflow: Find and Replace with Confirmation

September 01, 2013 by Gabe | [mmd] |

These are two new workflows from Ole Zorn based on something rather crappy that I made.

These workflows offer an iterative find and replace (with RegEx matching) that displays a dialog for each match. Typically I don't trust a blind find and replace so these are more useful to me.

This one shows the confirmation dialog as a popup alert. The alert obscures a bit of the text but it does the job.

This one shows the confirmation dialog as a popup list selector. This one doesn't obscure as much text but if you tap the text window the workflow ends.

I'll also highlight this search and replace workflow from oxus.net that uses RegEx to do a blind replace on the entire document. It deserves a look simply for the complete lack of Python to make this happen. It's a good demonstration of twiddling the built-in Editorial actions to make new stuff.