The Disk Checker Macro

I’ve had some bad luck recently with the SSD in my Macbook. So bad, that I needed it to be recovered at the Genius bar. They tell me my disk is still ok but, to be honest, I don’t buy it.

So I setup a scheduled Keyboard Maestro macro that runs every morning at 3:30am and does a basic check of my disk.1

UPDATE: While I was messing with the macro for screenshots, I misplaced a flag for the sudo command. Thanks to Michael in the comments for pointing it out.

That blurry bit after the echo statement is just my sudo password.2

The macro posts to Notification Center when it starts and when it finishes.

It’s a basic sanity check and does identify when the disk starts to go sideways. I’ve already proven this once.

  1. Don’t forget that to do an fsck on Mountain Lion, you need fsck_hfs↩︎

  2. I’m lazy. There are much better ways to pass your password in with Keyboard Maestro. ↩︎