Nice Things Volume 1

Hi there. Here’s a small list of nice things that I like, both real and imaginary.

This is a terrifically weird book that sits between a graphic novel and a quirky memoir. It’s a delight.

I love the idea that our brains polarize information processing. I’m not sure why I love it, but it’s nice to be surprised.

Excel is a terrific tool but VisiData is a magic wand

I’ll keep saying it, VSCode is nice. I really hope Microsoft doesn’t screw it up. Until then, I’ll keep enjoying it.

I have a new M1 MacBook Air and the only thing I am missing is Windows virtualization for a few tools. I’m glad Parallels is making progress in moving it to the new architecture.

So much of this video is over my head but the instructor is a joyful while using exercising some of the most powerful technology humanity has ever developed. Hard things can still be fun.

Cables suck and most cable organizers suck too. The Anker cable manager magnetically holds the cables in place on my desk so I can grab them and move them around without unwinding everything. Noice.

I never gave Sidecar much attention until I got a new MacBook Air. It’s incredible and it makes the upcoming iPad Pro even more valuable as a gorgeous secondary display.