Drafts for Mac Status Update

Drafts for Mac Status Update:

What can Drafts for Mac do?

The initial version of Drafts for Mac will support most of the same draft capture, editing and organization features of Drafts 5 on iOS and all drafts, tags, workspaces, versions, etc. will sync between versions.

The editor will support themes and all the same editing features, syntax highlighting and more.

True to its core, there will be quick-capture tools to easily popup up a window and start typing to start on all your text snippets and notes in Drafts as easily on Mac as you do on iOS.

While I’d rather have a text file note app, this is one of the most promising developments in plain text on the Mac in a long time. Syncing from iOS to the Mac is a major gap for the current Drafts enthusiast.

I’m stuck between multiple tools that are all excellent for what they do with text notes. DEVONthink is excellent for finding notes. Drafts is great for creating notes on iOS. The Archive is slick for creating notes on the Mac. Only Apple Notes is available to my work PC through a web browser. I person could go mad trying to keep it all straight.