1Password 7 for Mac

This is a big update for 1Password on the Mac. Not only does the applicaiton look great but one of my favorite features is getting a lot more useful: Secure notes now support Markdown formatting!

I have a lot of secure notes in 1Password. I don’t just need to know passwords, I need to know the details about restarting servers once I login. I need to know details about my family that extend beyond birthdays. Notes are great in 1Password and I’m confident that they are secure between my devices. With my 1Password family plan, I can also share those with my family with ease and be sure they are secured on their end to.

The other nice new feature is the addition of nested tags. I’ve struggled with tags in 1Password because they always seemed like an afterthought. Nested tags shows me that Agilebits are really taking them seriously for organizing my secure data so I’ll take my tags more seriously now too.

Another great update to one of the first apps I install on any new Mac.