The DEVONthink Note Clipper

It’s officially called the Sorter but I think of it as a note clipper. DEVONthink Pro Office provides a pop-out drawer to quickly capture information to specific databases and groups in the application. Hop into the DEVONthink preferences and define a shortcut.

Sorter preference

The Sorter will initially look like a transparent tab on the side of the window.

Click the tab or use the hot key to open the Sorter and start a note. I generally set mine to Markdown or plain text. At the top I can choose where this note will be created (limited to groups defined in the Sorter). The Note Sorter remembers the last used note format which for me is Markdown. Fill in everything and use ctrl-tab to move between fields. Hit ⌘-S to save the note and close the drawer.