10 Steps For Buying a New Mac

  1. Evaluate your current Mac by launching Activity Monitor and sort by CPU.
  2. Launch your most intensive workflow and examine the CPU load over time.
  3. Now rush into the most feeble justification for buying a new Mac. This is critical for step 4.
  4. Spend inordinate amounts of time on the Apple Store website looking at every possible configuration of your new Mac. 4a. Be sure to start with the fully loaded model. This baseline will be used in step 7.
  5. Go to GeekBench and flip back and forth between the scores for your current Mac and the new Mac.
  6. Decide that some fictional future project will dramatically benefit from the 2X performance boost of parallel compute.
  7. Explain to your spouse that this is not as asinine as it seems because you’ve decided to NOT get the fully loaded 4X more expensive model.
  8. Put the computer in your Apple Store shopping cart.
  9. Feel comfort in your frugal choice not to add Final Cut for an additional $400.
  10. Wait until the middle of the night on a Saturday to click the purchase button.