Plex Will Add Podcasts and I Think That's Great

Plex has made a steady but solid push into the mainstream market for media players. Their latest announcement includes future support for podcasts. What this means isn’t clear yet but I think the possibility for recommendations of related content for movies and TV shows is a real winner. I love the idea that my media aggregator could recommend a podcast episode with the crew or that a really good fan-site could just show up when I rate a show highly. I’d love to immediately hear someone unpack all of the Easter eggs in an episode of Black Mirror after I finish it without needing to search for it.

As Sarah Perez says, Plex is sustainable and their methodical expansion shows that they are in it for the long term. As a Plex Pass member, I can’t wait to see how they expand their services and shift focus beyond just being a front-end for a hard drive.

But Plex has run its business sustainably. Following its seed and its $10 million Series A led by Kleiner Perkins in 2014, the company has been break-even or cash flow positive in more recent months. A small, and still undisclosed, portion of its 15 million registered users is paying for a premium subscription, the Plex Pass, which adds more advanced features to the Plex experience. And with the addition of news, Plex has moved into advertising.