Visor Magnifier For iOS


Visor is billed as an assistive app for those times when you need to read but the font, lighting, and your age make it impossible. Let’s just pretend that we know other people with that problem. Or better yet, let’s pretend we actually read the “fine” print on credit card statements. Here’s a simple example of how effective Visor is at magnifying and inverting colors. Visor isn’t intended to be used as a camera (although it does have a camera button) so these images are screen grabs of the interface. All blurriness is due to my lack of fine motor skills.

Fine Print

Visor is a digital magnifying glass with enhancements for reading in dim light. The magnification level (and quality) is really impressive. Even more surprising was the increased readability of text by color inversions.

Color Inversions

But Visor is super fun if you’re young and curious too.

My kid and I have a lot of fun just using Visor as a simple magnifying glass. It’s easy to activate the illumination and change magnification with just your thumb. The focus snap is also easier to trigger in Visor than in the standard camera.


There are more powerful digital zoom apps on the App Store (I’ve tried a bunch). Visor is great at what it does, which is reading tiny print with poor lighting and playing around with my kid.

Visor for iOS | Universal | $2