Scanner Pro 6 Update from Readdle

I probably use my phone for scanning documents at least once a day. From wonderful artwork from my kid, to business cards and reference documents, I scan a lot. I jumped on Scanner Pro for iOS early and used it until it felt stagnant. I’ve cycled through more scanning apps on iOS than weather apps, and that’s saying something and since moved on from Scanner Pro.

This week’s update to Scanner Pro is significant and now elevates it into the same category as my beloved Scanbot and is a viable contender for my scanner of choice while on the go.

Scanner Pro 6 now supports automatic document recognition and scanning. This makes capturing new scans much easier and quicker. It’s accurate enough for my needs and I’ve not felt frustrated at all when using it.

Readdle goes above and beyond with their new “Radar” functionality. Scanner Pro can scan your device’s photo library looking for document-like images. It works moderately well but tends to generate false positives (which is good). What it does right is page boundary recognition along the way. It takes a lot of work out of the process and makes using the good old Camera app for capturing documents a convenient reality.


From the Radar view, you can thumb through the results and convert them all to scanned PDFs with OCR (see note above) with very few taps.

Getting scans out of Scanner Pro 6 is extremely easy. Not only does the design make endpoints conveniently accessible but the separation of hosted services from iOS services makes it all efficient.

The “Favorites” are also great. I can use multiple Dropbox locations and send different scans to different places. It’s so fast and simple I’m giddy.


The built in editing options are also very nice and previous scans can be re-edited at any time but I was not able to edit scans from older version of the app.

Scanner Pro | Universal iOS | $3