Todoflow for Editorial and Taskpaper Productivity

I mentioned Todoflow, a python module for working with Taskpaper files, back when I first started using the system full time. It has a lot of the core query support of TaskPaper right from Python.

Now, the same module is available through an Editorial workflow. The workflow automatically installs the module if needed and supports advanced queries and result folding. It adds some minor enhancements to the TaskPaper query syntax (like a “today” term) but does not support parenthetical (nested) expressions.1

Todoflow in Editorial

Enter a query like this:

@start <= {today} or @start and not @done

To see all tasks that start before tomorrow that have not been completed. The workflow includes a couple of predefined queries but add your own to the list for quick access.

While the query expression support in Todoflow is not as powerful as Taskmator, it’s pretty good. Another downside is that TextExpander is not supported in the text entry box of Editorial so a lot of my old snippets will not function in this workflow. Check out the other Editorial workflows with Todoflow support.

  1. See this site for examples and references for the TaskPaper query syntax. ↩︎