The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide Sponsor

My Thanks to the folks that made The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide for sponsoring Macdrifter this week. It’s available in a universal format for only $17. It’s also a great resource, no matter how sophisticated your use cases are. Want to host a Web site with Dropbox? That’s in the guide. Want to clean Dropbox with Hazel? Yup, in there. Just having trouble syncing TextExpander snippets? That’s in there too.

We think Dropbox is the most powerful piece of software on our computers. We use it every day in an increasingly diverse set of ways. But most people only use Dropbox for one or two things instead of as the power-house of storage and digital organization that it is.  We put together this guide to take you through everything you need to know about Dropbox while changing the way you manage your content and digital information.

This guide was created to help the modern knowledge worker who wants to make their digital life more organized and efficient. And let’s be honest, our digital lives impact our physical world more and more, so keeping it organized has many benefits. The basics are covered for those who are just getting started (you know you’re parents still need help with this!), as well as unique tips and ideas for the digital natives who can navigate their way through the cloud, but haven’t yet realized all the ways to use Dropbox across all their devices.

If you’re a photo-junkie, we’ve got you covered with ways to backup, organize and share your photos effortlessly. For the gamers, or music-lovers, never be without your latest tracks or files regardless of what device or machine you’re using. Or if you just want to hack yourself a small website and host it with Dropbox - you can do that too, we’ll show you how. Just lazy? Setting up automated tasks through Dropbox can turn your digital world into a set-it-and-forget-it paradise.

Get your digital copy instantly of The Ultimate Unofficial Dropbox Guide for just $17. We stand behind our product 100% - if you’re unhappy for any reason, let us know and we’ll refund your costs. You can also stay up to date on the latest tips and tricks for Dropbox and Carousel at our blog.