Scanbot Adds Reminders

Scanbot 3.5 is out this week and adds an interesting new twist to iOS document scanning: Reminders.

While I prefer TextGrabber for extracting plain text from the material plane, I like Scanbot for all of my other document capture needs on iOS.1 I like it even more with every new release.

Version 3.5 adds the ability to set a reminder on a document (“Pro” IAP required). Slide from left to right to expose the settings. I think it’s pretty clever and far more exhaustive than it needed to be. From the settings view, I can set a reminder in Scanbot, or Evernote.

Scanbot Reminders

I like Scanbot for all of the convenience packed into a single app. It supports a wide variety of document services but it also has a passable annotation tool chain. I think the settings screen says a lot about the flexibility and complexity of Scanbot.

Scanbot | Universal | Somewhere less than $5 IAP

  1. Nothing beats a well oiled ScanSnap for document capture, but I’m away from home many hours a week. Also, don’t put oil on your ScanSnap. ↩︎