Verizon Tracking Mobile Web Use (Still)

This came out awhile ago but thanks to SwiftOnSecurity retweeting, I’m linking to it today.

From Adage:

He noted that Precision might tap its vast subscriber base directly for first-party targeting in the future. “There’s a lot you can do there,” he said, before adding a disclaimer: “We haven’t commercially deployed any product.”

That sounds like something that only benefits one side of the business arrangement: the business.

Verizon does allow you to opt-out but it’s per device and lots of people just got new devices. Not surprisingly, I tested based on the links in a tweet (which, of course, is always the way to go) and it looks like there’s still a tracking header added to http requests when I use LTE but not on WiFi.

Welcome to the future where VPNs are recommended even when on cellular networks.