Perspective Icons 2 Link

I’ve been a longtime user of OmniFocus. I still use it strategically while depending on plain text for large scale planning. The “Perspectives” in OmniFocus are what set it apart from almost every other competitor. That’s why I’m happy to see the Icons and Coffee Perspective series updated today to match OmniFocus 2.

The collection comes with several color variants and multiple sizes for each icon so they look great on standard and “Retina” screens. They go great with OmniFocus but they’re also just really nice looking icons for use anywhere that needs a little visual indicator.

Just look how great the blue-grey set looks:

But then I also love the color profiles they’ve chosen all around. It’s made to match some of the color choices in OmniFocus 2 for Mac.

The icons look nice in the sidebar of OF2:

And when the perspectives sync over to the iPhone app:1

The collection is currently on sale for $10 and requires the “Pro” version of OmniFocus 2. Check out the Web site for more examples.

  1. The “Meetings” perspective has the custom icon. Doesn’t it look much better than the default Omni icons? The correct answer is, yes it does. ↩︎