The Bellwether Power User

Rob Trew on Twitter:

No plans to write/maintain Omni scripts for OG6 (inspectors big & locked), OO4 (prefer MD/FT outlines), OF2 (no model growth).

Reaching a broad market is a wonderful goal. The difficult part is to do it without losing the technologically demanding and aggressively curious power users. I’ve seen a bit of this with OS X and iOS. In my view, power users serve two important functions.

Power users are the bellwether pointing toward future development. Ethan Schoonover pointed the way for OmniFocus with his Kinkless GTD system built on top of OmniOutliner.

They also perform another function for the rest of us aspiring nerds. They are the canary in the coalmine. They tend to have fewer commitments to software that has stagnated. As someone at the cusp of proficiency with a Mac, it’s far easier for me to move away from something that starts to become more work than reward.

The loss of Rob Trew in the OmniFocus coalmine, is significant. How many others were looking at and disassembling the data structure? How many others know the strengths and weaknesses of OmniFocus so well?

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