My Pinboard Links and Link Posts

Here’s how the link posts work here on Macdrifter: Everything I read goes to Pinboard. At some point later, when I have time and energy, I try to pull out my favorites and post them here.

Do you have that uncle that sends you “interesting” articles by email every day? Yeah, the link posts on Macdrifter are my version of that.

If you want to see almost1 everything I read, you can either look in the side bar here on the site (rather than RSS)2 or subscribe to my public Pinboard RSS.

  1. I keep some things to myself. Well, I keep about half of my bookmarks to myself. ↩︎

  2. I cast no aspersions. Hell, I don’t even read this site through RSS, so any way you want to visit is still flattering. ↩︎