I’ve been beta testing the IFTTT iOS app for the past month and it really is great. I like it better than using the web interface for managing rules. The Macstories review is pretty definitive but I’ll add one thing: The calendar view lets you see what rules have run recently and that’s nice.

There’s a lot of attention to detail in this app. Tap into the preferences and you’ll notice that the view flips over with the IFTTT logo showing through as if it was etched into the front of a glass panel.

IFTTT is still missing a revenue model. I just can’t abide continued growth without a model to prove they care about sustaining what they’ve built already. Even Zapier offers premium for-pay services. I have no idea if that’s anymore sustainable, but at least they are trying. This iOS app would have been a good start for a new era of paid IFTTT services. Instead, it is free.