NerdQuery Speed Improvements and Good Hosting Support

NerdQuery moved to a new server yesterday and the speed improvements are noticeable. This is the value of a good hosting provider. I moved Macdrifter to WebFaction1 a little over a year ago and I’ve been very happy with the service. But a few weeks ago I noticed that NerdQuery, which does not run on the same host as Macdrifter, was very slow. I submitted several support tickets and the responses from WebFaction support did not seem satisfactory. They suggested that I move to a new host with better load balancing and more up to date application support. Because I’ve been around the block with crappy hosting companies, I assumed this was an up-sell to get me to buy a dedicated host or additional services. I told them so. I was wrong.

WebFaction support was very considerate and eventually convinced me that they were not being scumbags like so many other hosting companies. They were professional and have earned my repeat business. They performed the move for me. I did nothing other than submit a request ticket and do some testing. There was no charge or additional hosting cost.

Now, I’m moving Macdrifter. The site will go down briefly in the next two days. I expect everything will be back within seconds and the only noticeable difference will be faster page loads.

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